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Why Consignors Choose Us


We consistently deliver resale's highest returns - showcasing your items to our massive, loyal and passionate shopper following built over 40 years.  We feature your inventory in our 6,000 sq ft resale shopping mecca, in our online store and though our vibrant and active social media community.


We offer unparalleled customer service with unique item reclaim options and real in-person customer attention.  We were founded and named on the principal of respect for our partners.  Their trust in us is the key to our longevity and success!

How It Works

1. Select your Items

We accept items in good-to-excellent condition emphasizing couture labels and brands.   We recommend that you read our inventory guidelines below for more details to make sure that we can accommodate your items. A minimum of 8 items is required to open an account. 

2. Consign

You may bring your items to our store and we'll review and contract them while you wait.  You may also mail items to us, or request a home pick-up - however these options require contacting our consignor services team at the links below.

Contact Consignor Services

Take-in Hours & Location

3. Get Paid!

For items under $500, you are credited with 50% of the transaction value. For items over $500, you are credited with 60%.  When your items sell, we will add them to your running total and send you a check for the accumulated sum each month.

Inventory Guidelines


We sell all types of women’s clothing including dresses, tops, skirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, swimwear (NWT), exercise, formal wear, maternity and outerwear (including furs). Clothing sizes 0-22.

Other Items

We also sell handbags, shoes, jewelry, watches, sunglasses and accessories, such as hats, scarves, wallets and belts. We sell watches and small gifts including pieces from Jay Strongwater, Jan Barboglio and Waterford.


Items should be new, nearly new or very gently worn. Items must be clean, free of any odors (e.g. smoke, perfume), debris (e.g. pet hair, lint) damage (e.g. holes, stains) and clothing should be unwrinkled and on hangers.


We are able to sell items for higher prices when consigned with original tags, authentication cards, packaging or other evidence of authenticity. When you consign designer brands with us, you must know their origin and be able to attest to authenticity.


Fashionable and currently in-style. Generally, this means less than 2 years old. We do accept selected timeless vintage items over $200 original price.


We match our inventory to the appropriate time of year. We take clothing for each season at the following times:


lighter materials, fabrics, colors - transitional time, spring event season

Feb > Mar

warm weather, light materials, bright colors, vacation/beach wear

Apr > Jul

cool weather materials, colors - transitional time, back to school / work

Jul > Sept

cold weather materials, coats hats, gloves - wintertime formal attire

Oct > Jan