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How We Price

We publish this worksheetl to help sellers understand how we determine pricing for items. You can calculate a rough price for your items by entering the full retail price, then discounting it based on the details of your item and how you want to sell it.  

Retail: Full Price
Current listed retail price of item
Retail: Market Price
Mark down if item available on sale
Retail: Adjusted Price
Mark down if low demand (e.g. out of style)
Starting Resale Price
Apply markdown based on condition.
Consignment Share
Potential amount seller could receive from resale at target price
Buyout Price
Discounted applied for fast, risk-free payout

Start with the full listed retail price for an item. If the item is widely available on sale, mark down the full retail price to create the "retail market price." Adjust the price again, depending on whether it is in high demand, or low demand (for example, when an item is no longer in style). Use the adjusted retail price to create a RESALE price by discounting 30-70% depending on the condition. This is the target starting price that that the item will be listed for. Since we offer buy-out as an alternative to consignment, we use our comparable consignment payout terms as the basis for the direct buy-out pricing. We deduct a 35% discount from the potential consignor payout. This discount pays for the risk that the item may not sell, or could be damaged or returned once purchased.