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20 Questions with Skylar

20 Questions with Skylar

In this exciting blog post, join us for a spin on Vogue's famous 73 Questions, featuring none other than Skylar! Not only the manager of our consignment department but also a co-host of our live shopping events, Skylar shares insights into our burning questions. Drop a comment below suggesting who you'd like us to interview next! 

1. Who is your favorite designer? 

A tie between Brunello Cucinelli and Khaite!  

2. How long have you been at CHA? 

Just about 6 years! 

3. What is your go-to lunch? 

Stuffed bell peppers.  

4. What is your must-have wardrobe staple? 

Boots and a great pair of denim. 

5. What is your favorite color? 

Black or khaki because I am not a color person. 

6. Favorite dessert? 

Boston cream pie. I hate cake and pie! 

7. What is your go to coffee order? 

Black coffee in the morning and then caramel macchiato later in the day!  

8. Do you have any pets? 

Yes, I have 5 dogs. Chomper, Sarah, Little Foot, Dingo, and then Spike! They were all named after the movie Land Before Time! 

9. What is your favorite movie? 

This one is hard! I would say my favorite comfort movie is Deadpool, but I don’t have a favorite movie. 

10. What are you currently reading? 

A Court of Thorns and Roses 

11. What is your current obsession? 


12. What is something that you can’t live without? 

Books for sure.  

13. What does your desk look like right now? 

It looks like a bomb went off, which is surprising because I typically keep my desk very clean! 

14. What is a guilty pleasure of yours? 

Going to bed at 7pm- 7 days a week.  

15. Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Oh my god.  

16. Who would play you in a movie? 

Emma Stone in House Bunny because I am a nerd.  

17. Who is your favorite band or musician?  

I don’t have one, I listen to everything!  

18. What is your favorite season? 

Fall 100% 

19. What is your favorite holiday? 


20. Who is your dream dinner date?  

Honestly....Jacob Elordi.  

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