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Ann Lowe

Ann Lowe

In honor of Black History Month, we pay tribute to the icon Ann Lowe, the extremely talented fashion designer whose impact resonates through the decades. Born in 1898 in Clayton, Alabama, and raised in a family of seamstresses, Lowe always had an appreciation for the fashion industry. In the 1920’s she attended a design school in New York City, despite earning top grades, she faced discrimination, prompting her withdrawal before completing her degree. Lowe overcame racial and gender barriers and opened a dressmaking business in Harlem. She garnered the attention of multiple high-profile clients, including The Rockefellers, the du Ponts, and even Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Lowe was commissioned to create the wedding gown for Jacqueline Bouvier's marriage to John F. Kennedy in 1953. Ann Lowe passed away in 1981, but her impact on the fashion industry and her trailblazing spirit continue to inspire designers and enthusiasts for generations. 
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