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Fall 2023 Trend Report

Fall 2023 Trend Report

I don't know about you guys, but I am SO ready for fall. Fall fashion, fall weather, fall food, fall PSL's, ALL OF IT. It is without a doubt my favorite time of year, so lets breakdown this seasons trend report. 

Easy Equestrian 

Think 90’s Ralph Lauren. This trend is reminiscent of a 90’s Americana without all of the American flags, red, white, and blue. It is relaxed yet chic. Anyone wearing this trend will look effortlessly put together. Quiet Luxury has some competition with Easy Equestrian!

“Ralph could take completely opposing ideas and mesh them together to create something fresh, all the while staying true to the idea of classic, American Style. Eclectic, never trendy, yet never boring.” -VOGUE


2014 bohemian + 2023 neutral craze = DESERT NEUTRALS. Skylar says, “Think Mad Max.” We love bringing the neutrals in and giving them a new life with boho vibes! 

“The original boho It girls (including Isabel Marant, Sienna Miller, and the Olsen twins) are dusting off their suede booties and embroidered vests. The slow-burning bohemian revival is finally ablaze.” -VOGUE


We loved the Barbie Core that took over 2022 but this season, red is taking over! 

“Every season, there’s a color that takes the industry by storm. This go-around, it’s safe to say red will be a big one for fall and winter.” Elle

“The color of the season is undeniably red.” Who What Wear



Let’s bring back the golden years.This is a fan favorite trend because of how simple it is to emulate! Grab your straight leg or baggy jeans, a ribbed tank, and you’re on trend! 

“The simple white tank top has risen to fame this season, thanks to designers such as Prada, Bottega Veneta, Chloé, and Bevza (to name but a few!) who shined a light on the humble basic.” - WHO WHAT WEAR 

“If the abundance of clean-lined silhouettes and straight-leg jeans is anything to go by, the ’90s has remained a go-to for the fashion world over the past 12 months.” -VOGUE 


The new quiet luxury! The greatest part of this trend is that EVERYONE can pull it off. You likely have several French Fall Uniform pieces in your closet! The boss babe trend gets a makeover. “Damsel in Dior”

“Along with classic white shirts styled in myriad ingenious ways (good news if you have one in your wardrobe already). Ditto corporate-infused looks blending shoulders that could fill trading floors with pinstripe suits and ties – if a financial crisis is on the cards, you may as well dress for promotion.” -VOGUE

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