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Happy Friday, guys!!! Anybody have any big plans this weekend? I'm at home with the girls today just busily packing away for our beach trip! We leave for Gulf Shores around 3am tomorrow (don't be jealous) for our long drive to the beach. Hopefully it goes okay...I'll keep you all updated via instastories!

So do you guys remember me telling you I'm now an Ambassador for Clotheshorse Anonymous? If you don't, no worries! Basically what that means is that I have partnered with a store a care a lot about - Clotheshorse Anonymous. They are a consignment store here in Dallas and they knock it out of the park. So, each month I will be posting one look with them. Consignment shopping can be tricky, but it's an awesome way to get those higher price point items for less. You can check out my first post from last month here on how to shop consignment. If there's ever a topic regarding consignment shopping that you'd like me to touch on, please let me know in the comments or via email!

Now to the good stuff! During the week I typically stay to my everyday wear - neutral colors, more on the casual side, and always a touch of femininity. But, if I'm meeting some girls for dinner or going on a date with my husband I always look to add a "wow factor" to my outfit. What this doesn't mean is that I go out and buy all new items to wear - shoes, bag, top, dress, you name it. What it does mean, is that I look to add one item to my outfit, to things I already have, that will make a statement.

I found this designer top from Clotheshorse Anonymous earlier this month and was instantly sold. This kind of top - one with a fun cut, beaded detail, and one that touches on the floral trend, is one that adds that "wow factor" to your look. When you find a statement piece like this whether it's a top or a bag or a pair of shoes, all you have to do is style it in a way that screams "you." For me, that meant adding it to white jeans, fun heels, and this season's "it bag."

There are several different ways to add a "wow factor" to your outfit though and I've listed my favorite ways below. Be sure to let me know your tricks of the trade because I love learning something new!

 6 Ways to Add that "Wow" Factor:

  1. COMPLIMENTING COLORS - wear two colors that compliment each other. For example, a yellow top and a blue bottom.
  2. PATTERNS - go for a bold pattern like spots or a large gingham print to make a statement!
  3. BOLD COLORS - this can be done by your bag, your jewelry, your shoes, a top, or even a hair piece.
  4. EMBELLISHMENT - whether it's embroidery, sequins, or pom poms!
  5. SHOES - whether it's your shoe height or a bold color, let your shoes do the talking!
  6. ACCESSORIES - if you have a more neutral outfit (black dress, etc.), add a big or bold necklace to make a fun statement

top: tracy reese c/o clotheshorse anonymous | jeans: loft | shoes: stuart weitzman c/o clotheshorse anonymous | bag: cult gaia (carrying the small) | sunnies: karen walker

photography: fort lion studio

As an ambassador for clotheshorse anonymous, this post was sponsored by Clotheshorse Anonymous. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille.

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