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Princess Diana - An Icon

Princess Diana - An Icon

In the almost three decades since her passing, Princess Diana has remained an icon in every sense of the word. She was not only a fashion icon, but a true inspiration to millions, who looked up to her because of her kindness, generosity, and warmth. To this day fashion designers are still trying to capture that je ne sais quoi that made her one of the most fashionable women in history

Vanity Fair sat down with Eleri Lynn, the curator of “Diana: Her Fashion Story,” and got some insight into what made Princess Diana, “a fashion icon whose style is so emulated and so loved, really.” 

"What really set Diana apart was her ability to communicate with her clothing, Lynn explained. “It is very surprising how little footage there exists of the Princess actually speaking. We all have a sense of what we think she was like, and yet so much of it comes from still photographs, and a large part of that [idea] is communicated through the different clothes that she wore.”" This quote is from "How Princess Diana Became a Fashion Icon" by Rachel Tashjian for Vanity Fair

Jacquemus held its Fall 2023 show, titled “Le Chouchou,” in Versailles on June 25th 2023, and it was a clear nod towards a Diana look from 1987. Jacquemus referenced Di's statement jewelry, bulbous micro shorts, and puff sleeves in his designs on the runway. 

Something that is so fascinating about Princess Di is how she took risks with her style, but it transcended beyond that and into her work. Her style accompanied her personality and that is what made her an icon. What is your favorite Princess Diana look?

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