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The Gucci Jackie 1961- Fashion History

The Gucci Jackie 1961- Fashion History

Let's talk about one of the most popular bags in fashion history- The Gucci Jackie. This bag was originally named the Constance, but after the first lady and fashion icon, Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore it religiously, Gucci renamed the bag in her honor.

According to an article by Natalie Hughes for Harper Bazaar, "The story goes that in 1964, three years after the Constance was first released, Kennedy Onassis wandered into a Gucci boutique and left with six of the crescent-shaped bags. From then on, she was rarely photographed without one tucked under her arm, popularizing the style and prompting the house to change the Constance’s name to ‘the Jackie’." This bag defined the 1970's and still is a closet staple today. The Jackie is a half-moon, hobo-style with a "piston-shaped" closure, the Gucci Jackie brought a more relaxed essence to the otherwise structured style of the time. 

This bag is still as relevant to todays style as it was when it was released in 1961. This speaks to not only the versatility of the Gucci Jackie, but also just how timeless this bag is. The Jackie has not changed much since its release, but according to the same article in Harpers Bazaar referenced earlier, "In 2020, inspired by a vintage Jackie from his personal archive, Gucci’s then creative director Alessandro Michele re-issued the bag in a form most faithful to the 1961 original and renamed it in line with its illustrious heritage. The Gucci Jackie 1961 was born, or rather reborn, as apart from its shrunken size and new candy-coloured palette, it had all the considered curves and sleek structure – as well as that piston lock, reimagined in gold – that had once won Kennedy Onassis’ heart."

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