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What is Fashion Week?

What is Fashion Week?

Fashion Week, also known as Fashion Month, refers to a series of events held in major fashion capitals around the world to showcase the latest collections of fashion designers and brands. These events happen twice a year, in the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons. 

Well is it just fashion shows you might ask? No! Fashion Week events typically include runway shows, presentations, parties, etc. Designers use these events to generate buzz and interest in their collections, secure orders from retailers, and blow up online. It plays a crucial role in shaping fashion trends too!

In recent years, Fashion Week has also evolved to become more accessible to the public, with some designers and brands live streaming their shows and using social media to engage a wider audience.

Fashion Week is a critical event in the fashion industry's calendar. It shapes trends, puts a spotlight on new talent, and encourages the exchange of ideas and opportunities within our industry!

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