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Women's History Month- Our Founders Jan Kennedy and Nancy Ungerman

Women's History Month- Our Founders Jan Kennedy and Nancy Ungerman

Jan Kennedy and business partner/friend Nancy Ungerman met years ago while carpooling for their children, and decided they didn’t want to “go down in the dishpan for the third time,” as Ungerman puts it. With six kids between them, Jan and Nancy stole time from family and home to satisfy their entrepreneurial spirit and their shared love of luxury goods. It was that time in Texas where experimentation was high and the love for fashion was BIG. These two women set out to conquer the Designer Resale phenomena – 45 years ahead of their time.

With an initial investment of $50 for stamps and $12 a month for rented clothes racks, they were able to immediately reap the benefits of resale, because “they bring the stuff to you. We never bought anything,” Ungerman says.

With the help of two Highland Park socialites – one of whom both Ungerman and Kennedy credit with personally starting their business with a consignment of 110 articles of clothing – Clotheshorse Anonymous was open for business out of the garage of Ungerman’s home.

Of the era in which the business started, Kennedy says: “These women were the reigning queens of Dallas, and they were in the heyday of Dallas. It was like nothing we have seen in the last decade. Unbelieveable. These women had a dress for every occasion – different, wonderful wigs. It was the Halston time, the Pucci time…"

Since our humble beginnings in the 70s, Clotheshorse has grown to become an internationally recognized destination for shoppers and consignors. We've served over 40,000 consignment clients, and their extraordinary inventory creates an unparalleled customer experience for our extensive community of shoppers in North Texas and around the world. Trends have come and gone since 1974, but our original commitment to our shoppers and consignors will never go out of style.


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