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Barbie is Back!

Barbie is Back!

Barbie makes her long awaited comeback this summer! Margot Robbie stars as Barbie alongside her co-star, Ryan Gosling who plays Ken. Barbie and Ken go on an adventure to the outside world where fans are able to see many of their fabulous fits.

The costume designer for Barbie, Jacqueline Durran, had a sit down interview with Vogue and shared some insight into dressing this iconic character,  “The defining characteristic of what she wears is where she’s going and what she’s doing,” Durran explains. “It’s about being completely dressed for your job or task.” Durran also shares, “if Margot wears anything that we didn’t make, it’s pretty much CHANEL” who Margot has been an ambassador for since 2018.” According to Vogue, most CHANEL pieces were pulled from the fashion house archives, primarily the 1980’s. Here is a breakdown of our favorite looks! 

Disco Barbie: 

Barbie sparkles as she twirls in this disco-inspired jumpsuit.

Western Barbie & Ken:

Margot wears Barbie’s iconic all pink look while Gosling rocks Ken’s fringe jacket.

Beach Barbie:

Barbie is known for always looking her best, even at the beach. Barbie is seen wearing a pink gingham sun hat along with her perfectly pink seashell accessories. 

Rollerblade Barbie and Ken:

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling gave fans a sneak peek in June 2022 when Barbie and Ken were seen in their matching 80’s inspired rollerblading outfits, inspired by a “Hot Skatin’ Barbie” doll from 1994.

Barbie and Ken’s car look:

Barbie is in a baby pink look while sporting a braid and beret. Ken is seen in a pink zip up jacket covered in Barbie’s “B” logo.


Written by- Litzy Alvarado 

Edited by- Meg Cochrane 

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