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Let's Talk Consignment

Let's Talk Consignment

From athleisure to couture, our consignment team is dedicated to curating an inventory of trends and iconic fashion favorites. Some things to keep in mind when sorting through your closet before consigning are going to be age, condition, and season. 

Before bringing in your clothing items make sure they are steamed, pressed, or ironed. Make sure to inspect your items to ensure there are no holes, pet hair, pilling, or stains such as makeup or deodorant. We ask that your items are on hangers to speed up the consignment process.

When bringing in your bags, check and confirm that there are no items left inside. Also verify that the zippers are still intact with no stains, such as makeup or pen ink. Check the outside of the bag for any wear, peeling, marks, or color transfer.

When inspecting your shoes be sure to check the interior and exterior for any peeling leather or marks. We are looking for shoes with minimal wear and no toe marks on the inside. When looking at the heel caps make sure they are still intact and chip free.

If you are unsure about an item, feel free to check the "How to Consign" page on our website. There you will find videos, examples, and detailed guidelines for consignment.

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