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Happy Birthday Jimmy Choo!

Happy Birthday Jimmy Choo!

Born in 1948 in Penang, Malaysia, Jimmy Choo's passion for shoemaking led him to study at the London College of Fashion. He opened his first workshop in London in 1986, and quickly gained popularity. Choo had a star client in Princess Diana and that sent him into stardom. He then joined forces with Tamara Mellon to launch Jimmy Choo Ltd. The brand became synonymous with luxury, known for its iconic stilettos and handcrafted accessories. Jimmy Choo has been mentioned frequently throughout pop culture, including one of our favorite episodes of Sex and the City where the famous Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) misses an important ferry to Staten Island and loses her shoe, screaming out “I lost my Choo!” Though Choo sold his stake in the early 2000s, his legacy endures through the brand's commitment to timeless elegance and contemporary style. Today, Jimmy Choo continues to be a global fashion icon, creating statement pieces that capture the essence of sophistication.  

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