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Sweater Care

Sweater Care

Sweaters are one of our favorite fall and winter wardrobe essentialsWe are sharing some tips on sweater care to keep your sweaters in the best shape. To care for your sweaters and ensure their longevity, always adhere to the care instructions on the label, as different fabrics have specific requirements.  Keeping your sweaters clean will prevent moths from being attracted to them – never use mothballs!   Instead of hanging, gently fold sweaters and store them in a cool, dry place to maintain their shape. Invest in quality storage solutions, such as breathable garment bags or cedar sachets, to protect against dust and odors. To combat pilling, use a fabric shaver or sweater comb, and store sweaters away from sharp objects to prevent snags. Our favorite way to remove pilling is by using The Sweater Stone from The Laundress. These simple practices will keep your sweaters cozy and well-maintained throughout the seasons 
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