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Happy Fit Friday, guys! You asked and I'm delivering! One of the main things you guys asked that I do more of in 2018 was fitness posts. You guys wanted more athletic wear, more athleisure, and more fitness tips. I am so so glad that what you want aligns with my life and style so naturally. Every Friday I'll be posting about a fitness-related topic. I also just started training for my 5th half marathon so you'll be able to find updates on that each Friday. And finally, I'll be starting BBG this coming Monday. So many of you are already planning on joining me with BBG. I love it! So if you want to learn more about this "BBG thing," scroll down to get the scoop!

Today we're talking about the ever-so-hot trend of athletic wear. I was actually talking with a friend this week about how wearing athletic wear has become so popular. Not only are we wearing athletic wear to work out in, but we're wearing it to grocery shop, to pick up our kids from school, to grab dinner with friends, to everything really! And I wish I could call it the go-to momiform, but truthfully? Women of all ages wear athletic wear out and about.

So if athletic wear is a big trend (and a comfy one at that), we might as well look cute doing it, right? I mean ain't no body going to the grocery store with sweaty hair, their old college tee, and 4 year old gym shorts. We'd much prefer to look chic and effortless.

Since getting back into the swing of working out, I've started to upgrade my athletic wear. It can be expensive though! There are some things I don't mind spending money on like my Zella leggings because I know I'll wear them all the time. It's the pieces I want but don't need that I struggle to spend money on. One such item is a zip-up. I love jackets (I think I inherited this from my dad), but they aren't really a need. I have a black one that goes with everything, so I don't really need to spend money on a new, pink Lululemon jacket. But if I could do it at a discounted price I would...

You guys! I got this brand new Lululemon jacket from Clotheshorse Anonymous for under $40! I don't know why, but I had never even considered looking for athletic wear at a consignment store. Once I started looking, I was seriously amazed. All the high end brands - Nike, Lululemon, etc., were all there from leggings to running shorts to athleisure. So if you're looking to upgrade your athletic wear, go for consignment first. Chances are you'll find exactly what you need and probably more than what you need!

HALF-MARATHON TRAINING UPDATE: This was week 1 of training and ... it hasn't gone super well. My one problem right now is finding time to run. That sounds ridiculous, but my week runs are hard to come by. With it getting dark so early, I can't run when the hubs gets home and I just cringe at the thought of having to get a sitter just to run for 30 minutes. Wah. Instead of complaining though, I'm setting a goal of consistently running at least 2 short runs during the week instead of 1. My long run this weekend will be 5 and I'll keep you posted!

Are any of you training for a half or a full?

BBG UPDATE: Okay guys, now is the time to get on board if you're going to do BBG with me. I plan on starting this coming Monday and I hope you will too! If you're unfamiliar with BBG, it stands for Bikini Body Guide. There's an app, too, you can download that goes with it called "SWEAT" and I highly recommend that. There are all sorts of programs, so you pick what you want to do. I will be following the 12 week plan starting Monday. If you want to read a bit more, check out this POPSUGAR article.

The reason I chose BBG to supplement my half-marathon training is two-fold. For one, the results women see from doing BBG are incredible and Lord knows I need to get stronger. The second reason is the ease of it. I've found that as a mom it's almost impossible for me to get to the gym on a regular basis. But, with BBG, you can do the 4-28 minute workouts/week right from your living room! So, who's with me?

If you do decide to jump on board, I would suggest joining my "Fleurdille Family" group on Facebook. This group is a bunch of women (and men) that talk about anything and everything. I'll be using that space to talk details about nutrition, tips, and just how I and others are adjusting.

top: lululemon c/o clotheshorse anonymous | leggings: zella | shoes: adidas | sunnies: karen walker

photography: fort lion studio

This post was created in collaboration with Clotheshorse Anonymous. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille.

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