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Happy Tuesday, friends! We're veering a bit from our traditional Tiny Tuesday post because I simply couldn't wait to share today's post. You guys know my deep, deep love for my Karen Walker sunnies. In fact, the only time you'll see me not wearing them is on my instastories. I love every single thing about them and think they are 100% worth every penny. They are durable, well-made, and they fit my face shape well. Sunglasses trends come and go, but my Karen Walkers will always be my #1.

That being said, I've worn them without wavering for about 2 solid years now. Lately though, I've had the itch to get a new pair of designer sunnies to throw into the mix. But, I've just been struggling to justify spending $300+ on a new pair when 1) I don't need them and 2) I have a functioning pair already. It's also becoming harder to justify as my girls get older because well, kids are expensive. Abby is about to start dance with Emma Grace and then they'll both start gymnastics this summer. In other words, cha-ching, cha-ching. I love spending money on my girls, but it does make splurge purchases for myself seem less and less worth it.

So, I resigned to getting a new pair. That is until I stopped by Clotheshorse Anonymous this week. For all my regular readers, you know how much I love Clotheshorse. For all my new readers, let me tell you my love for Clotheshorse Anonymous. They are hands down the best consignment store in Dallas. I could probably do an entire post on why I love shopping there. The most important probably is that their inventory is ridiculous. It is incredibly organized and they have new items being put on the floor daily. Their management and customer service is also superb. Okay, I'll get back to my shopping trip last week...

I've found myself stopping by a lot more lately in search of name brand workout clothes and mini bags. But this time, their sunglasses case caught my eye. They've always had great sunglasses, but this time it was stocked with a lot of new sunnies including Miu Miu sunnies. Y'all, I have been eyeing this Miu Miu round shape since last summer. I think it's such a fun shape for warm weather and I honestly could not believe they had them. To top it off, they were having 25% off their sunglasses, too. It was fate. I tried them on and fell in love instantly.

When I was leaving I got to talk with team at Clotheshorse Anonymous and they told me of a new partnership they in regards to sunglasses donations. You guys, they will be getting a lot more sunglasses on the regular and they're all on-trend designer sunnies. So, if you're in Dallas be sure to check back frequently!

What I learned last week and I'm so glad that I did, is that I can still find on trend sunglasses for less. The Miu Miu pair I got had never been worn before, still had the case, and was in pristine condition. So, here's to becoming better consignment shoppers. To saving money, but still wearing the latest trends!

Today's post was created in collaboration with Clotheshorse Anonymous. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille. 

photography: fort lion studio

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